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Accounting & Finance for Founders

Building a Solid Financial Foundation for Your Business

In entrepreneurship’s dynamic landscape, experienced individuals’ guidance can be an invaluable resource. In a recent podcast conversation with Kristian Marquez, a seasoned entrepreneur and financial expert, listeners were treated to a wealth of business, leadership, and personal growth insights. At the heart of Kristian’s message is that courage and leadership are the driving forces needed […]

Accounting & Finance for Founders

How an Outsourced CFO Can Help You Grow

SaaS CFO | Assisting clients stay ahead of the curve.

Accounting & Finance for Founders

Fractional CFO tips for SaaS and Venture Capital

Kristian Marquez – Fractional CFO tips for SaaS and Venture Capital. My next guest shares his story of how he got into finance, helped grow a company from $0 to $80M ARR, and then started a company that ultimately went out of business within 2 years. The life of an entrepreneur has its peaks and […]

Accounting & Finance for Founders

The Strategic Edge of Fractional CFOs in B2B SaaS

With his extensive experience at Finstrat Management, Kristian Marquez shed light on this innovative solution. A fractional CFO is a part-time financial expert who provides strategic financial guidance to companies without the commitment or cost of a full-time executive. Kristian outlined that if a business is experiencing rapid growth, preparing for fundraising, or navigating complex […]

Accounting & Finance for Founders

Careers, Startups, and Retirement

Kristian Marquez, Founder and CEO of FinStrat Management joins us for a discussion on his career in Finance, on Startups, and on how he is planning for his own retirement. FinStrat Management (FSM) is an outsourced financial operations services firm serving B2B SaaS companies, investors, RIAs, and VCs.

Accounting & Finance for Founders

Win or Learn

When one door closes, another one will always open. Kristian can attest to this when first embarking on his journey as a solo entrepreneur. Although things did not go as expected for him and the business, he only used that as motivation to continue exploring in search of his true passion. FinStart Management initially got […]

Accounting & Finance for Founders

The CFA Advantage: Insights From a CFO

On this episode, Kristian Marquez, CFO of FinStrat Management, dives into his career journey and the impactful role that the CFA designation has played, explaining how it can open doors, propel career growth, and provide a comprehensive understanding of portfolio management, accounting, and financial analysis. He also shares valuable insights into risk management, the evolving […]

Accounting & Finance for Founders

Entrepreneurial Lessons | Success from Embracing Failures

In this episode 224 of “Failing to Success”, Kristian Puggaard, CEO of Tembi, recounts his journey through business failures and triumphs. He reflects on the failure of a consulting company he led that went bankrupt due to rapid growth and mismanagement. He shares lessons learned, including staying ahead of growth to professionalize operations and nurturing […]

Accounting & Finance for Founders

Financial Flux in the Land of Dollars & Cents

In this podcast episode, David and Gary speak with the President and CEO of FinStrat Management Inc., Kristian Marquez

Accounting & Finance for Founders

The Path to Profitability

The Path to Profitability with Kristian Marquez Welcome to another compelling episode of the Boosting Your Financial IQ podcast. Today, our esteemed host, Steve Coughran, engages in a thought-provoking conversation with Kristian Marquez, Founder of FinStrat Management, as they explore “The Path to Profitability.” In this informative discussion, we delve into strategies that companies can […]

Accounting & Finance for Founders

Value + Worth = Success

Value + Worth = Success This installment of The Axis Effect features Kristian Marquez, President and CEO of FinStrat Management. With over six years in business and 30+ current clients, FinStrat Management dedicates its team to helping clients by providing accounting, financing, and reporting services. Knowing the overwhelming number of varieties that investors for startups […]

Accounting & Finance for Founders

The Life-Long Customer

Navigating FinTech and Founding Success with Kristian Marquez, President & CEO at FinStrat Management, Inc. In this episode of the LifeLong Customer podcast, our host Brad Hammond engages in a thought-provoking conversation with Kristian Marquez, the President & CEO at FinStrat Management, Inc. Kristian shares his remarkable journey from a career in the military to […]

Accounting & Finance for Founders

Exploring the Power of Thoughts, Legacy

Breakaway Wealth Podcast In this episode of Breakaway Wealth, Jim Oliver sits down with Kristian Marquez, the founder and CEO of FinStrat Management. Kristian shares his journey and insights into wealth generation and success. They discuss the importance of starting a business, even at a young age, and the value of aligning your thoughts, actions, […]

Accounting & Finance for Founders

Mapping the Path to Profitability

The Role Forward: A Strategic Finance Podcast In the latest episode of The Role Forward podcast, host Joe Michalowski sits down with Kristian Marquez, founder of FinStrat Management. Kristian shares his diverse journey in the finance sector, highlighting his experiences from being part of a billion-dollar IPO to the challenges faced in a telemedicine startup. […]

Accounting & Finance for Founders

How Industry Benchmarks Create Business Value

How well do you know your industry financial benchmarks? Have you reviewed or looked them up before? Our guest today is Kristian Marquez, and he shares with us the importance of industry benchmarks and beginning with the end in mind for your business. TODAY’S WIN-WIN: The purpose of business is to create value.

Accounting & Finance for Founders

Financial Growth Blueprint: Wisdom from a Seasoned CFA Charter Holder

In this episode, we dive deep into the world of financial growth and strategy with Kristian Marquez, founder President & CEO, CFO at FinStrat Management and a seasoned CFA charter holder. Kristian shares valuable insights and wisdom gained from his extensive experience in the financial industry. From financial planning and analysis to risk management for business owners, […]

Accounting & Finance for Founders

Leveraging portfolio analysis to improve your fund’s IRR, a CFO’s perspective

Kristian Marquez, CEO of FinStrat Management, joined Visible to share best practices for analyzing portfolio companies’ data and extracting actionable insights that lead to improved fund performance. Discussion Topics The WHY behind surfacing portfolio insights Where to find benchmark data and how to use it Top 4 performance indicators, what they mean, and how to […]

Accounting & Finance for Founders

Equity Financing for B2B SaaS and Investor-backed Companies

Join Kristian Marquez, CEO of FinStrat Management, as he shares his expertise on the benefits of equity financing. Equity financing can provide SaaS and investor-backed founders with access to capital without burdening them with excessive debt. While discussing equity financing, Kristian also highlights alternative sources of funding that SaaS businesses can explore. Plus, if you’re […]

Accounting & Finance for Founders

Equity Financing for Businesses: Investor Types + Priced Round Ins and Out

In this video, Kristen Marquez, CEO of Finstrat Management, delves into the world of equity financing for businesses, providing insights into attracting investors and securing the funds you need to grow your company. Whether you’re a startup founder or a seasoned entrepreneur seeking capital, understanding the investor’s perspective is crucial. Join us as we explore […]

Accounting & Finance for Founders

Equity Financing for Businesses: Term Sheets + Convertible and SAFE Notes

This video is the third of three videos about equity financing for businesses. In this video, Kristian Marquez, founder and CEO of Finstrat Management, discusses term sheets and equity financing for businesses when they are pre-revenue or do not have enough revenue to form an evaluation.

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