FinStrat Management

FinStrat Management (FSM) is an outsourced financial operations services firm serving SaaS companies, investors, RIAs, and VCs.

We leverage our industry experience and our best-in-class software to offer specialized reporting and comprehensive accounting and financial functions within a network that boosts your bottom line.

Our financial operations teams are set up specifically to satisfy the accounting, financial, and reporting needs of a business. We provide flexibility, comprehensive implementations, five-star client support, and affordable pricing for all growth stages.



We provide fractional accounting, financial and/or reporting services.

Financial Services for SaaS Companies

Fractional Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Controller and Bookkeeping services designed to assist you monetize your business.

Private Asset Tracking & Reporting Services

Comprehensive solution for managing and reporting information on direct / private investments.

VC Fund Administration Services

End-to-end back-office accounting and administration service solution, to include Carta support.


Our Competencies

Our services are unique, which means our team is perfectly specialized for the accounting, financial, and/or reporting needs of our clients. We know that accurate financials are critical. After all, the next round of equity or research on an investment opportunity may be around the corner. We do all the heavy lifting to offer our clients an accurate set of financials that are readily accessible at all times.

Our Methodology

Today, a modern software system and an accountant alone won’t get the job done. Our team learns the business and the existing accounting and finance processes to organize and maintain GAAP compliance.

We also introduce modeling and reporting packages that not only yield actionable business insights but inspire Board and Investor confidence. We institute best practices to optimize ROI, provide meaningful counsel with an emphasis on maximizing shareholder value, and get your financials in shape to deliver you the reporting you need at any time.

Our reputation in the industry, paired with our ecosystem of VCs, innovative companies, and other clients provides opportunities for connection and collaboration.

Our Team

Our team consists of dedicated accounting and finance professionals.. Our culture fosters a creative environment and flexibility to allow our team members to serve our clients in a manner that works well for both the client and them.