Going above and beyond.
It’s the only way we know how to operate.

About FSM

FinStrat Management (FSM for short) is a an outsourced financial operations services firm. We’re headquartered in Annapolis, Maryland.

We serve B2B SaaS businesses throughout the world.

Our Story

We’ve since built a company that does everything needed for running the accounting and financial functions of a B2B SaaS business, effectively given founders and their teams much needed time to spend on higher value tasks that move their business forward.

Our Services

We provide fractional Chief Financial Officer, controller and accounting services exclusively to B2B SaaS businesses at a fraction of the cost and time required to set up and manage an internal finance team.


There are many fractional accounting and finance service providers in the market, but we’re not aware of any that only focus on B2B SaaS companies like we do.

Our financial operations teams are set up specifically to satisfy B2B SaaS financials needs – providing flexibility, comprehensive implementations, five-star client support and affordable pricing for all B2B SaaS growth stages.

Our Staff

Our team consists of enthusiastic and dedicated accounting and finance professionals who are truly passionate about their work.

Our culture fosters a creative environment, flexible schedule, monthly team-building outings, budget allowance for things staff want to learn, and unexpected bonuses.

Our Competencies

We possess expertise in accounting, financial analysis and strategic planning with an eye towards B2B SaaS.

Our teams are fluent in all of the ins and outs of subscription management. From sales to renewals, we manage the entire process with accuracy and timelines at the forefront.

We apply our deep financial analysis domain knowledge to provide clients with the full spectrum of SaaS metrics to include MRR / ARR (and all of its sub components), cohort analyses, CAC Payback Period, rCAC, etc.

We know and incorporate a wide range of 3rd party software solutions. And we’ve been around long enough to know which work best, and perhaps more important, which don’t.

Our Methodology

During client onboarding, our team works hard to learn the business and the existing accounting and finance processes.

We invariably inherit a set of financials that are either on a cash basis or, at best, an accrual mishmosh. We clean everything up, and get to and maintain GAAP compliance.

We introduce modeling and reporting packages that not only yield actionable business insights, but inspire Board and investor confidence.

As implementations unfold, we institute best practices to optimize ROI, (e.g., improve receivables turnover, run pricing analyses, etc.).

Whether on weekly calls, or in the midst of a financing, acquisition or sale, we provide meaningful counsel with an emphasis on maximizing shareholder value.