Private Asset Tracking
& Reporting Services

We’ll track your investments and report back – so you can focus on what you love.

At FinStrat, we offer a team of investment professionals and tech-enabled services. With an end-to-end solution for managing and reporting on private investments, we provide customized reporting so you have an accurate, up-to-date view of how your investments are performing.

We keep your portfolio organized and provide a convenient central hub to view it at any time.

Partner with FinStrat for

Investment Tracking and Reporting for Family Offices, Investors, and RIAs

Private Valuation Updates

We reach out to private investment contacts to request quarterly updates as it relates to capital calls and distributions, equity and convertible debt financing, 409A valuations, real estate income (NOI), capital rates, as well as revenue and profitability metrics.

360 Degree Portfolio View

We aggregate and organize your investments in a fully customized web-based format. We generate performance reports that compile critical data by trust accounts, investments, vintage, deal source, and industry, to include key information such as legal and investment contact information, commitment levels, ownership percentages and cash flow history by specific asset / liability.

Online Portal

Our digital tools provide you with encrypted access to your investment information anytime and anywhere, accessible via smartphone, tablet, and desktop dashboards.

Portfolio Analysis

To provide greater visibility into your portfolio, we provide an aggregate breakdown of direct private investments based on your customized asset classification scheme (e.g., growth, diversifiers, fixed income, real estate, etc.).


Customizable Investment Reports

For each investment, we deliver a white-labeled one-page investment update (PDF) every quarter based on clients preferred design / format.

Secured Repository

We upload all supporting files (e.g., one-page investment updates, spreadsheets, etc.) to a secured cloud repository.

Private Investment Representation

We act as an extension of the client team when interacting with private investment funds and direct investments. 

Recurring Meetings

We are available for recurring and ad hoc meetings. While we recommend weekly meetings during implementation and monthly on an on-going basis, we’re available when we’re needed.


Professional Service Coordination

At your direction, we will work with other professional advisors, such as client attorneys and tax CPAs.

The FinStrat Difference


See how private (and public, at clients’ discretion) investments are performing at present, and over time.


Families gain a readily accessible / centralized source to critical financial data in the event of incapacitation.


Expect detailed and accurate reporting every time – it’s the only way we know how to operate.


We make sure the data makes sense by normalizing disparate reporting methodologies and reconciling data inconsistencies.


Delegate ALL fund accounting and back-office administration tasks.


Web-based reporting dashboard accessible via (smartphone, tablet and desktop viewing).