Frequently Asked Questions

How do you price engagements?

We utilize retainer vs. hourly pricing. This approach ensures work is performed with success in mind, and without either party compelled to manage the clock on a month-in month-out basis.

Are there any set-up fees?

Yes. Due to increased hours, our fees are two times during each tier’s respective onboarding period.

When will you bill me?

Monthly in arrears.

How do I connect with my FinStrat team?

We communicate with clients via email, calls, text, and Zoom.

What is onboarding like?

Our teams work hard to get caught up with your existing processes. We’re conducting a deep dive review of your financial statements and chart of accounts to make sure we’re getting started on the right foot. Depending on the quality of the underlying financials, we’re cleaning them up and making them GAAP compliant.

What if we are not using Quickbooks Online?

All good. We’ll lead the migration effort.

What steps are taken to protect our company info?

We limit access to company information to authorized users. Account credentials are secured using our Dashlane encrypted password vault. We also utilize Box, Dropbox and Google Drive (client’s choice) as a means of securely exchanging information necessary in performing our work.

What are the advantages of outsourcing?

There are several benefits such as gaining an exceptional team at a fraction of the cost, providing clients and investors peace of mind, and continuity.

How do clients access data online?

FAS and PAS clients can access their accounts via a portal available 24/7.