Mapping the Path to Profitability
Duration:45 mins
Mapping the Path to Profitability

The Role Forward: A Strategic Finance Podcast

In the latest episode of The Role Forward podcast, host Joe Michalowski sits down with Kristian Marquez, founder of FinStrat Management. Kristian shares his diverse journey in the finance sector, highlighting his experiences from being part of a billion-dollar IPO to the challenges faced in a telemedicine startup.

The duo dives deep into the evolving landscape of startup profitability, especially for VC-backed ventures. They discuss the shifting paradigms from a growth-centric mindset to a more balanced approach that emphasizes cash preservation. Kristian introduces the “Rule of 40,” a pivotal metric combining growth percentage with EBITDA margin, suggesting its significance in today’s startup world.

Towards the end, the conversation shifts to the potential of artificial intelligence. Kristian draws parallels between the dot-com era and the current AI wave, emphasizing its transformative power in boosting productivity and redefining the future of businesses.