VC Fund Accounting & Administration Services

We’ll manage the fund’s back office so you can focus on your portfolio companies.

Gain access to a customized, white-glove VC fund accounting experience to grow your portfolio companies.

We offer outsourced, end-to-end administration services for investment funds, serving as our clients’ financial authority: fulfilling back-office functions (investor correspondence, NAV calculation, etc.), ensuring the integrity of fiscal data, and supporting stakeholders with accurate and timely reporting.

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Fund Administration and Fund Accounting Services for Venture Capital Funds

Fund Accounting

We maintain the General Ledger of the fund and will calculate quarterly NAV, management fees, performance fees, carried interest and allocate profits and losses based on ownership percentages of each Limited Partner / General Partner.

Financial Reporting

We prepare quarterly and year-end financial metrics for the fund including net IRR, TVPI, DPI based on portfolio company valuations, and provide an accurate picture of your financial position and performance including a Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Statement of Cash Flows.

Cash Management and Treasury

We prepare and distribute capital call letters and track and report the receipt of contributed capital. At your direction, we’ll issue capital calls and distributions and initiate wire processing.

Investor Management

In conjunction with your legal counsel, we manage the capital table for the fund’s limited partners and maintain up-to-date LP contact and banking information.


Private Investment Representation

We act as your advocate when interacting with private investment contacts. This includes, but is not limited to, facilitating signatures and wires.

Online Portal

Our digital tools provide encrypted access to investment information anytime and anywhere, accessible via smartphone, tablet, and desktop dashboards.

The FinStrat Difference


Delegate ALL fund accounting and back-office administration tasks.


You’ll get improved visibility into your financial operations and greater scalability for just a fraction of in-house operations cost.


Expect detailed and accurate reporting every time – it’s the only way we know how to operate.


We employ multiple quality assurance protocols.


We incorporate benchmarks and performance metrics selected by fund managers.


Web-based reporting dashboard accessible via smartphone, tablet and desktop.


Whether it be a Limited Partners last minute request or working with a third-party audit team – we’re here ready to help.


We ensure your numbers are always in alignment, from performance metrics to waterfall calculations, so you’ll always have peace of mind.


Our accounting team can grow with you, according to your specific needs and goals.