Why Finstrat?

Accurate and timely financials matter. That’s why.

At FinStrat Management, our professionals will handle it all – so you can stay focused on your priorities.

There may be other fractional accounting and finance service providers, but no one offers customized expertise or five-star service like FSM. Combining the power of the sharpest financial professionals in the industry with cutting-edge software and technology, we’re structured to specifically alleviate pain points and automate processes for B2B SaaS companies, venture capitalists, and individual investors.

We’re organized to do all the heavy lifting, so you get accurate accounting, financials and/or reporting – on time, every time, without any of the hassle. Our ecosystem of experts connects reputable B2B SaaS organizations with VC funding and individual investors. We like to call that a win, win, win.

The finstrat difference


See how private (and public, at clients’ discretion) investments are performing at present, and over time.


Families gain a readily accessible / centralized source to critical financial data in the event of incapacitation.


Expect detailed and accurate reporting every time – it’s the only way we know how to operate.


We make sure the data makes sense by normalizing disparate reporting methodologies and reconciling data inconsistencies.


Delegate ALL fund accounting and back-office administration tasks.


Web-based reporting dashboard accessible via smartphone, tablet and desktop viewing.