Outsourced Controller Services

Companies benefit from someone overseeing the full scope of their financial activity. We fill that role.



  • Repeatable results are generally only as good as the underlying policies and procedures.
  • We kick off an engagement by taking an in-depth look at your current accounting processes.

Client Invoicing (i.e., Accounts Receivable)

  • Staying on top of your accounts receivable helps to prevent cash flow issues.
  • We prepare and send all invoices, to include any ancillary information requested by your clients.


  • Ensuring receivables quickly convert to cash requires vigilance.
  • We not only seek to optimize order to cash, but when necessary, we'll follow up with clients in a professional manner while establishing the necessary paper trail should an account need to go to a debt collector..

Vendor Bill Pay (i.e., Accounts Payable)

  • Payables affect day-to-day cashflow.
  • We review and post for your approval, all bills received from vendors and suppliers. And by ensuring bills get paid per the agreed upon terms, we keep your accounts in good standing and credit rating up .


  • Payroll requires employers to pay employees the right amount, at the right time and account for it in their financial statements.
  • We ensure payroll gets run accurately, on time, and is appropriately reflected in your financial statements, to include bonuses, commissions, employer taxes, expense allowances and 401k contributions .

Employee Expense Reimbursement

  • Page 15 of IRS Publication 15, (Circular E), Employer's Tax Guide, states that expense reimbursements do not have to be included in an employee's wages if the business has an “accountable” plan..
  • We establish an advance payment program and/or expense reimbursement policy that meets the conditions needed to have an accountable plan..

Financial Planning

  • Businesses require a plan to determine how it will achieve its strategic goals and objectives..
  • We devise a plan that describes the resource needed to achieve these objectives, as well as the time frames involved. .

Cash Flow Management

  • Net cash flow is an important measure of financial health for any business..
  • We not only perform cash flow analyses, to include forecasting, on a regular basis, but develop and use strategies that should lead to adequate cash flow for your business..


  • A well thought out budget should provide a realistic sense of revenues and expenses that tie to financial and operational goals..
  • With your approval, we'll put together an achievable budget and present it to your Board.


  • B2B SaaS forecast models must factor changes in fees, discounts, and prepayments for fluctuating contract lengths and collection frequencies.
  • Our financial reporting does so and ultimately gives your management team the ability to gain insight into expected financial position and performance as the year unfolds.

Resource Planning

  • Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) includes in-depth analysis and evaluation of a company’s financial position with the intent of laying out an effective growth track.
  • We work alongside your team to provide clarity on today’s financial performance drivers, help you understand what we expect to happen looking ahead, and determine what can be done to affect those results.

Insurance Management

  • Insurance helps mitigate risk by protecting your business’ assets (e.g., officers, intellectual property, etc.).
  • We manage your insurance portfolio.

The Benefits


B2B SaaS. It’s the only delivery model we serve.


We provide our clients with improved visibility into their financial operations and greater scalability at a lower cost point than what can be achieved through in-house operations.


Set a foundation of success with GAAP-compliant financials, and scalable financial operations.

Operational Efficiency and Scalability

Our proven processes and controls improve efficiency while reducing risk of errors and fraud. In addition, you gain greater ability to monitor performance and control spend.

Improved Cash Flow

We improve cash flow and minimize risk with processes that maximize accounts receivables turnover.

One Stop Shop

Partner with one vendor who effectively manages all of your financial operations, including A/R, collections, A/P, payroll, employee expense reimbursement, and planning.


Less time spent on finance function and administration means more time to focus on what you care about - helping your business succeed.

Peace of Mind

Our management of the entire financial operations process results in audit-ready financials.