Outsourced Accounting Services

Exclusively serving B2B SaaS companies, our bookkeeping solutions are tailored towards your needs with an eye towards ROI.

Exclusively serving B2B SaaS companies, our accounting services are tailored towards your needs with an eye towards ROI.


Transaction entry

  • Our bookkeepers are responsible for entry of all accounting transactions.
  • We will record and categorize all transactions to their proper accounts so that we can properly prepare your financial statements and you can see your business’ financial position and performance.

Accrual Accounting

  • With accrual accounting revenue and expenses are recorded when a transaction occurs rather than when payment is received or made.
  • We excel at creating GAAP compliant financials that provide insight into a company's performance and actual sales trends as opposed to just when payment is received.

Balance Sheet Account Reconciliation

  • Reconciliation of accounts is the process of making sure that two sets of records balance or are in agreement.
  • At least each week, we reconcile every account on the balance sheet to the penny.

P&L Review and Classification

  • Appropriately classified revenue and expenses are essential to any subsequent reliable analyses and/or reporting.
  • As part of the close we ensure all revenues and expenses are appropriately booked on the P&L.

Monthly Close

  • The month end close is a critical component of a well-ordered accounting function and ensures books are being maintained in accordance with GAAP.
  • We implement efficient and repeatable processes that ensure the executive team has an accurate and timely view of performance going into the next month.

Financial Statements

  • Accurate financial statements are critical to management's ability to make decisions in a timely manner.
  • Every month we provide an accurate picture of your financial position and performance to include a Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Statement of Cash Flows.

The Benefits


B2B SaaS. It’s the only delivery model we serve.


We provide our clients with improved visibility into their financial operations and greater scalability at a lower cost point than what can be achieved through in-house operations.

Attention to Detail

You get accurate financials because it’s the only way we know how to operate.


Set a foundation of success with GAAP-compliant financials.


Less time overseeing your bookkeeping means more time to focus on what you care about - helping your business succeed.

Client Support

You are always one call away from getting all the information you need from your dedicated team.


We scale our accounting team according to your company’s goals and requirements.

Peace of Mind

Whether recognizable revenue, deferred revenue or accrued expenses, we ensure your numbers are always in alignment.