Outsourced CFO Services

When you’re not yet able to hire an in-house CFO but still need to fulfill organizational needs from planning to financing.


Financial Analysis and Advisory

  • Behind every successful business is a strategic financial plan.
  • As strategic financial advisors, we help create your plan and assist implement it along the way.

Corporate Governance & Compliance

  • Having the proper internal financial controls in place is invaluable.
  • We put appropriate internal controls in place to safeguard and monitor revenue and expenditures.

Pro Forma Statements

  • The ability to model a variety of financial scenarios, both favorable and unfavorable, is crucial to effective planning.
  • Every month your CFO presents a host of outcome analyses and talks through the implications of each one.

Performance Dashboards

  • Having a clear financial picture of your company is paramount.
  • We provide web-based easy-to-understand financial dashboards to include all SaaS metrics. From expansion MRR to rCAC (and everything else on the SaaS metric menu), we explain the implications behind the numbers.

Board, Shareholder Meetings, Updates

  • The ability to effectively communicate performance to stakeholders helps buy confidence.
  • Your CFO is not only an ally but can answer financial questions thrown the company's way.

Incentive Plan Management

  • Incentive compensation is a form of variable compensation in which a salesperson’s or other employee’s earnings are tied to milestones.
  • Your CFO will present a plan to more closely align sales rep and customer success behavior with the goals of the organization.

Cap Table Management and Modeling

  • A capitalization table (or “cap table”) is a list of all the securities your company has issued and who owns them.
  • Your CFO ensures the company's cap table is accurately reflected within the financials to include stock option expense in accordance with ASC 718. In addition, your CFO can provide various dilution + return scenario analyses when considering outside financing.

409A Valuations

  • A 409A is an independent appraisal of the fair market value (FMV) of a private company’s common stock.
  • Your CFO will not only serve as the POC with the appraisers to ensure they have what's needed to issue a report, but socialize the final report with the Board.

Capital Markets

  • Companies usually have a choice as to whether to seek debt or equity financing.
  • Your CFO will not only present options, and the associated pros and cons, but work with you and investors, whether existing and/or potential, to secure financing.

The Benefits


B2B SaaS. It’s the only delivery model we serve.


Receive improved visibility into your financial operations and greater scalability at a lower cost point than through in-house operations.


Set a foundation of success for your company with GAAP-compliant financials, scalable financial operations and counsel that can inform how you can transform your business strategy to meet growth objectives.


Receive a complete picture of the overall health and direction of the company’s financial performance with in-depth interpretation of SaaS metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs).


We publish web-based dashboards providing performance insight (with complete assurance of the validity of your data).


Gain a financially fluent ally at board meetings, executive presentations and meetings with investors (whether current or potential).

Peace of Mind

You gain a partner who marries a professional approach with open and frank communication.


You're always one call away from getting the information you're looking for.