3 reasons you might be ready for private asset management

As your net worth grows, it becomes increasingly challenging to dedicate the time and resources it takes to pursue your investment goals. But net worth isn’t the only indicator that you may be ready to partner with a private asset manager.

Private asset managers take a mix of client inputs—goals, limitations, risk tolerance and time—and create a portfolio tailored to perform within those parameters. They then actively manage the portfolio, using tax-efficient strategies and providing constant, easily digestible performance feedback. Whether you’re investing globally, focusing on socially responsible investments or trying to transform your wealth into a long-lasting charitable legacy, a private asset manager can realize your vision and keep you on track.

So what are the signs it might be time for a more boutique asset management experience?

You’re overwhelmed by all of the back-end work

Even if you enjoy the experience of investing, fund accounting takes a significant amount of time. High-stress business seasons, illness or time off may lead to a drop-off in attention. Plus, it can be hard to keep a big-picture view of your goals when you’re immersed in the details. Private asset management allows you to delegate the work that drains your energy and time while still taking as active a role as you wish, partnering with your asset manager to set goals and strategy.

You know your financial goals, but you’re not sure how to reach them

As your net worth grows, your investment ambitions may change. More straightforward goals like funding college accounts couple with new possibilities, like charitable legacies. Private asset management can help you clearly define what you want to achieve, then give you the resources to go for it. Recurring meetings keep you up-to-date on your progress. (At FinStrat, we usually prefer weekly meetings during implementation and monthly after that.) Private asset management also gives you a breakdown of direct private investments keyed to a personalized asset classification scheme, like growth assets, fixed income or real estate.

You’re looking for a streamlined approach

Bouncing around between different dashboards and comparing disparate reporting methodologies makes it challenging to know where you stand in your investments. Private asset management provides you with customized, accurate reporting that lets you see how your investments are performing now and over time.

At FinStrat, we aggregate and organize investments in a web-based format, allowing clients to check in on their strategy with a centralized, encrypted source. Families can also easily access information if needed, providing convenience and peace of mind. It’s also possible to loop in your attorney, CPA or other professional service provider to further streamline your experience.

At FinStrat Management, our team can do it all

At FinStrat, we offer a team of investment professionals and tech-enabled services to manage and report on private investments. We keep your portfolio organized and provide a convenient central hub to view it all. Let’s get started with a free consultation today.